Retirement Boarding at First Light's Run Farm


A Natural, Peaceful and Safe Environment For Your Horse



Your horse has taken good care of you over the years and the miles. Now you can provide a relaxing, natural environment for his retirement years. As horses age or develop career- ending injuries, their needs change, and sometimes that means a change of location. First Light's Run horse farm is a wonderful, caring place for your horse to spend his remaining years.

At First Light's Run, we strive to give your horse the most natural environment possible. They live in herds of 3 to 15 individuals, spread across more than 200 acres of rolling Kentucky land. Herd placement is determined by horse’s age, sex, temperament and nutritional needs. Most pastures have 2-3 acres per horse. Our Dripping Springs Road location accomodates smaller herds, and offeres a run-in shelter.


All horses have access to plenty of shade, ponds and automatic heated water, as well as salt blocks and free choice high quality minerals. We also provide alfalfa as well as several types of grass hay as needed.





Retirement and Pasture boarding $175.00 per month (includes hoofcare every 6 weeks)

Former performance and show horses, trail partners and family pets from around the country now call First Light's Run their home. Our farm family consists of horses ranging in age from 6 to mid 30’s, Your horse will enjoy grazing with a herd, yet will have people to interact with and lots of hands-on attention.  




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