Loving Quality Care For Your Horse


At First Light's Run, your horse is treated like family. All horses receive daily hands-on attention to assure they are getting what they need.


Hoof Care

At First Light's Run, all horses are barefoot. Our trimming is done every 6 weeks by certified Barefoot trimmer Steve Johnson. Steve is a member of the AANHCP and is a master at making each horse comfortable by holding their feet in a position that’s best for them.


Many of our boarders have worn shoes their entire life, yet we have never had one that didn’t transition to barefoot well. Usually we schedule trimming days around the weather and the horses are trimmed in their field with their buddies at their side.


Hoofcare is included in board price.




Veterinary Care

We are happy to schedule veterinary visits and hold your horse for vaccinations, etc., at no extra charge.  In the case of a rare medical emergency, we have several veterinarians within 15 minutes who will come to the farm. We also are within an hour of a full service equine hospital.




Dental Care

Dawn Darnell is a certified practitioner in Natural Balance Dentistry. Most equine dentistry involves prevention. If your horse's teeth are regularly cared for, the maintenance process will not be overwhelming and you should be able to avoid most dental or health complications. Natural Balance Dentistry considers the whole horse and all of its environmental factors in developing a maintenance plan.

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